PYP Exhibition

Hey Guys! We started the PYP Exhibition UNIT a couple weeks ago. We had to chose a passion and think of a issue that happened with it. I chose music and the issue was that many schools can't get access to music education. The equation that we all had to use was: PASSION + ISSUE = ACTION
After choosing our passions and issues, we had to link them to a SDG. I linked my passion to SDG 4 (quality education) since music education and education in general are connected. My group are researching about music and why it is important right now, and we came up with a central idea and lines of inquiry today. We only have about 2 more weeks until we have to present and I'm pretty nervous, but excited. Some challenges that I faced during this unit were: writing the central idea and keeping things organized. Everything else was Ok though. I hope you enjoyed this little peek of what I've been working on and I'll see you next week!
-Anna Ly


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