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Reading and Writing Updates

Hi! It's Anna Ly and today I'm going to write about my learning in class right now.
For those of you who are new to my blog: My name is Anna Ly, I'm 10 years old and this year I'm in 5th Grade and this is my learning blog! Here you will find all about my learning and a few other things;)
              Writing and Reading Updates Writing:
We have been writing response text in class. For those of you who don't know, we had a Grade 4 and 5 concert 2 weeks ago, so we wrote a response text to that.  We had to use descriptive words that described the concert.

Lately I have been reading a series called Percy Jackson and Olympians. I'm on the first book right now and it's a really good one so recommend that you read it. Anyways, I recorded my reading on a google doc with predictions and notes about the book.

PYP Exhibition

Hey Guys! We started the PYP Exhibition UNIT a couple weeks ago. We had to chose a passion and think of a issue that happened with it. I chose music and the issue was that many schools can't get access to music education. The equation that we all had to use was: PASSION + ISSUE = ACTION After choosing our passions and issues, we had to link them to a SDG. I linked my passion to SDG 4 (quality education) since music education and education in general are connected. My group are researching about music and why it is important right now, and we came up with a central idea and lines of inquiry today. We only have about 2 more weeks until we have to present and I'm pretty nervous, but excited. Some challenges that I faced during this unit were: writing the central idea and keeping things organized. Everything else was Ok though. I hope you enjoyed this little peek of what I've been working on and I'll see you next week! -Anna Ly


Our new UNIT in U.O.I is about Governance. Here are the different types of governments.


On Wednesday we chose leaders for cities in Vietnam.
I was chosen as a leader for my class and I'm a Minister of Information and Communication.

I'm responsible for sharing information with my class/country

That's it! BYE!!