Data Handling-Math

Hello! I'm Anna Ly. Today I will tell you about our Data Handling Unit. Enjoy!

Recently, we have been doing Data Handling.
If you don't know what data is, it's a collection of information. Data is often organised in graphs or charts for analysis and may include facts, numbers or measurements.

The task was to choose a question that you wanted to collect data about.
Then, we had to choose a partner who has a similar question than you.
Me and my friend Olivia had similar questions mine was:
How can we make sure that each person keeps in mind there multiple Intelligences?

Hers was What multiple Intelligence did everyone get?

Since our Questions were similar, we worked together. Our team name was: The Epic Mustaches
Here is our LOGO:

If you want to find your multiple intelligence go to

 At the end we ended up only being able to ask Grade 5D kids what there Multiple Intelligence was.
That's why our result might of been different than the result we would of gotten if we asked the hole Grade 5.

Here is the survey itself:

In the end, I felt that it helped me with Mathematical Practice #3                                                                                                                                                I hop


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