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Happy holidays!

It is that time of the year... Drum role please... Holidays yay! Here are some pictures of our class all ready for winter!

UOI systems

Hi everyone! Today I am going to talk about all the important facts about systems that we have learned in class. I hope you enjoy! Oh and merry christmas… The respiratory system: The picture of the respiratory system is from Respiratory system, Models and 3d on P Fact 1: The respiratory system breathes in oxygen (which is a good gas) and carbon dioxide (which is a bad gas) into the lungs. Then the 2 separate. The lungs gets rid of carbon dioxide.

Fact 2: Smoking,exercising,and pollution all affect your respiratory system. Smoking makes your lungs bad. Exercise makes you breathe better. Lastly pollution makes it harder for you to breathe. So that’s all for the respiratory system!  
Now let’s move on to the circulatory system.
Fact 1: The circulatory system is made up of veins and your heart.

Fact 2: When you exercise your heart pumps faster because your body has to work harder.

The skeletal system:

Fact 1: The skeletal system is made up of all the things you see on the picture… (The pictur…

Book Review

Book Review: Book #: 5 Title: Dork Diaries tales from a not-so-smart miss know it all Book Review by: Anna Ly Author: Rachel Renee Russell Genre: Realistic fiction
Dork Diaries is a book about a girl named Nikki. She goes through drama at school, friends, family and even creates a advice website! In her diaries she writes about what has been going on in her life and her feelings.
My connection is: Dork Diaries is kind of similar to diary of a wimpy kid because they both talk about similar things like there feelings and school.
My questions are: Are Nikki and Mackenzie ever going to get along? Is Mackenzie up to something?
Predictions: I think Nikki will most likely fight with Mackenzie a lot.
My strategy is asking myself questions while I read ‘cause I love to make predictions!!

So that’s it! Bye, Anna Ly

Narnia book Review

Today I will be doing a book review. Enjoy!

Book Review by: Bubble Anna Ly
Book: The lion, the witch and the wardrobe Author: C.S. Lewis
Narnia is a movie and a book. I am going to blog about the book.
Narnia is about kids (There names are: Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter) who get sent to a professor's house. When they play hide and seek, Lucy finds a closet and sees herself in Narnia. In Narnia she meets a fawn, who she drinks tea with. She tries to tell the others about Narnia but they don’t believe her. Edmund eventually finds it and makes a horrible promise the witch of Narnia. After that, all of the others find the closet and try to help Narnia.
I think this book is very fun to read. You will always wonder what happens next.
But it is long and could be hard to read for some people.
My Reading Strategy is: Picturing things while reading because there are not a lot of pictures in this book.
My connections: Narnia is like Rainbow Magic because the both find another world.
I wonder i…

Smile book review

Hey guys! Anna Ly here! Today I will be doing a book review. Enjoy! Book: Smile Author: Raina Telgemeier Smile is a comic book about a girl that is supposed to get braces. But on the way home after Girl scouts, she falls and her 2 front teeth get knocked out. She goes through 3 years of drama, in school, family, and friends. She has to get get braces on and off. She breaks up with some of her friends and finds a crush.

My reading strategie is: Taking notes while reading, because I can not remember every single thing while reading.
I think this book is very interesting. I like the parts with daydreams and school.
I don’t think there are any negatives.
I recommend this book to kids who like diaries and are confident readers.
You can find out more if you read the book.
BYE…. Cupcake Anna Ly

                                                                                                                 Me reading smile!!!