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Skylar's Dairy 2 (with a twist)

Hey guys! Sorry that you guys waited for Skylar's dairy 2. But here it is, so have fun reading! Thanks, Bubble Anna Ly
Hi Remember Me? Ok if you do not. My name is Skylar and this is Skylar’s Dairy 2 Well where do i start? I know… Monday If you read my first diary you would know that I  made a new best friend named Cassie. Well she left. Now my problem is not that I ran out of friends. In fact, I made a group way popular then the MGs. Now I wrote the last diary in grade 5. But now I am in grade 6. So things have changed a lot. 1. The MGs don’t exist anymore. 2. I made a group called dorks. 3. I have a new color. 4. There are better lunches and better teachers. What can go wrong?
Sorry I have to stop now because it's math time...
School is going ok. Our group is not that popular yet. But I am still patient. Today lunch was soooooo good... Here is a picture of it: (We had 2 choices and I chose the one with pretzels and the face.)
Wednesday Hi I’m Skylar blah blah blah…

My field trip Slideshow

So this is my slideshow, it is for my HWEO unit. We did this after our field trip and this was our final assessment. My partner's name is Seo Yeon. I hope you enjoy! Thanks, Bubble Anna Ly

UOI HTWW Cause and effect

Cause and Effect                                  Note:                                              I am going to color when                                               Use a word. Down there. I                                               Am not going to use                                                Every word.                        By: AnnaLy Class: 4D
Changes to the Earth’s Surface:
Erosion (Wind)Erosion (Water)Deposition

SC's owner Research

Hi remember me? Ok if you don’t I am SC’s owner. Ok if you still don’t know read SC’s story.
Ok let’s get back to my research.
Granite comes in many different colors thanks to the composition and minerals within the rock. Colors range from pink to gray and black.

Because granite is so hard, people sometimes use it for building stone or statues if you want them to last a long time.   But granite is so hard that it's also hard to cut into blocks. The word "granite" comes from the Latin word "granum". Granite is used for homes a lot. Granite is the best-known igneous rock.
Ok it’s enough with the facts let’s get to the pictures… Hey Anna ly! You are not allowed to post me, YN and Rine White without permission! Ok Ok calm down SC I had permission. Yes she did! Hi I’m YN and I am Rine White’s owner.  I better work on my work now. Bye! Ok bye! Wait a sec, my name is Rine White You did not have permission.... Ok guys that is enough. Back to my facts: Here are some words and…

SC's story

Ok hey guys! Here is my cool rock story...
 Pink is SC
Blue is me (Anna Ly)
Red: SC's friend (She is not here yet)
Purple: YN (Not here yet and is my friend)

                      About Me... Hi! My name is Sparkle Colors. (You can call me SC).This is the story of how I think I got to UNIS and 4D.  I was obviously Born Here in earth. So now what else… Oh yeah I just wanted to tell you that I have a really bad Memory. Someone threw me on the floor and I kind of broke. So that is why I have little sparkles all around me….                    How did I Get here?   Ms. Jenny (Anna Ly’s Teacher) was carrying me. I guess...    Or maybe she just bought me? Wait I know. First I was in space, then I flew to earth. I fell on grass. A human step on me. It started to rain and I got sandy. I got into a factory. They crushed me. I hated it. They put me into a glass. A kid broke the glass and I was free. I got to a shop. Ms. Jenny bought me. Now I am here.     So Why Am I Here? Well…