Our new UNIT in U.O.I is about Governance. Here are the different types of governments.


On Wednesday we chose leaders for cities in Vietnam.
I was chosen as a leader for my class and I'm a Minister of Information and Communication.

I'm responsible for sharing information with my class/country

That's it! BYE!!

Blue Dragon

Hi Everyone! It's Anna Ly

Today I am going to be blogging about Blue Dragon. I hope you enjoy!

Blue Dragon is a Children's Foundation that helps Kids all over Vietnam. They have a website, here is the link:

I was a Blue Dragon Ambassador this year and I had a lot of fun! Every year they have a walk-a-thon at our school and I ran 12 laps!

I hope you guys will help make a difference in Hanoi! Thanks!

Migration Unit!

Hi! I'm Anna Ly and today I am going to tell you about my migration unit! I hope you enjoy!

Human Migration affects communities, culture, and individuals.
That is our central idea for this unit.

I learned about Push and Pull Factors.
Push Factors is why migrants choose to go to a specific country.
Pull Factors is why migrant decide to leave a specific country.

Pull Factors:

Push Factors:

For this migration unit we chose a migrant that we wanted to tell the story of.
I chose Anh Do. He is a migrant who migrated from Vietnam to Australia when he was 3. For more information on him click here.
Note: This video was a practice and I said that he migrated from Australia to Vietnam by accident.

This unit helped me with my communication skills because we practiced in front of lot's people.

Here are some of random notes:
-An Expat is someone who lives in a country but, does not come from there.
-Some Migrants are: Mila Kunis, Tan Le…

I am

Data Handling-Math

Hello! I'm Anna Ly. Today I will tell you about our Data Handling Unit. Enjoy!

Recently, we have been doing Data Handling.
If you don't know what data is, it's a collection of information. Data is often organised in graphs or charts for analysis and may include facts, numbers or measurements.

The task was to choose a question that you wanted to collect data about.
Then, we had to choose a partner who has a similar question than you.
Me and my friend Olivia had similar questions mine was:
How can we make sure that each person keeps in mind there multiple Intelligences?

Hers was What multiple Intelligence did everyone get?

Since our Questions were similar, we worked together. Our team name was: The Epic Mustaches
Here is our LOGO:

If you want to find your multiple intelligence go to

 At the end we ended up only being able to ask Grade 5D kids what there Multiple Intelligence was.
That's why our result might of been different than the r…

A Brand New Start!

I'm Anna Ly! You may know my blog. Almost every week I would post things about my life in 4D.
But things have changed...
Welcome to my 5D life!

Here I am going to post things about my learning in Grade 5.

Wait a minute...
I should tell you about me first.

My name is Anna Ly!
My favorite food is Ice cream and I love listening to music!
I also like to hang out with My friends.

Hope you like my blog! Stay tooned!

Sharing The Planet Update!!

Sharing The Planet: Children's Rights

This is the last week that we are doing it.

Here are some definitions of words we used a lot in this unit.

Children's rights:
Well, rights are something people have the right to no matter age, skin color, Gender, family and beliefs.
Children's rights are like that, except for kids/children. 

A circumstance is something that stops or helps you access your rights. 

Equity is being fair, not equal.
If we had a basketball and it was 1st Graders vs. Basketball professionals, if it was still equal, it still wouldn't be fair right???

Ok anyways, here is my paper Mind map. What we had to do was choose a pic (Which we can't find)
Then, right about it. 

Anyways, here are some facts about Children's rights.
Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs) are connected to
Children's rights!
Like, Quality Education connects to Right 23 and 28!
If you don't know about the SDGs click here:

Everyone has circumstances.